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Solidarity Pool

What is the Solidarity Pool?

The Solidarity Pool is an activity organized during the Copa América 2024, aimed at raising funds to increase the number of current scholarship recipients of the OCMAES Foundation and thus generate a greater impact on our society.

We believe in education as a life-transforming factor for our young people.

Only 30% of young people make the transition from schools to higher education.

37% of students who begin a university program abandon their studies, one of the causes of the dropout rate being the lack of financial means.

Only 22% of people between 25 and 64 years old in Colombia have a university degree.

Education is the way

(José Mujica, former president of Uruguay).

What moves us

Data from the Department of National Planning and the Ministry of National Education of Colombia, corresponding to the period of 2015, indicate that only 30% of young people make the transition from basic education to higher education institutions. What is even more worrying is that a large number of these - around 37% - will drop out before completing their studies, with the lack of financial means being one of the biggest causes of the dropout rate, according to the report Decisive Moment: Education Higher in Latin America and the Caribbean, published by the World Bank in May 2017.

In a country marked by poverty, social inequality and violence, the possibilities that the population has of accessing quality higher education institutions are practically zero.

It is our responsibility to fight for the integral growth of the individuals that make up the Colombian social fabric, training competent professionals who have sufficient tools to face the world of work. Only in this way will we be able to break the inequality gaps that for years have overwhelmed us as a society and have plunged us deeper and deeper into poverty.

Aware of the problem, the OCMAES Foundation was born in 2006, in response to the education needs of the country.

Hence, our mission is based on the premise of being able to “transform lives” and impact, through this, Colombian society globally, understanding education as an influential factor in the progress of a person and a society. Thus, we are proud to present the following milestones that we have achieved:

  • More than 14 billion pesos invested in high-quality higher education in Colombia.

  • More than 4,400 scholarships awarded

  • More than 1,071 Beneficiaries

  • More than 520 Graduate Scholars

Consequently, we contribute to reducing the very high levels of social inequality that make it difficult, among other issues, to access and remain in education. Definitely, the impact of our task is not only reduced to the achievement of the dreams of our scholarship holders, but also translates into the foundation of the knowledge of Colombians as a path to prosperity, generating opportunities, increasing productivity and economic competitiveness. , as well as strengthening the social and cultural development of the country.



Lines of work


Results in figures


The OCMAES Foundation responds positively to the following international indicators and guidelines:

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The Biotest Sustainabillity Award 2024


Amarey Nova Medical Group Receives the 2024 Biotest Sustainability Award

We are pleased to announce that the Amarey Nova Medical Group has been awarded the prestigious Biotest Sustainability Award 2024, awarded to the Ocmaes Foundation. This recognition highlights our continued commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

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