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Celebration Bonds

We have created these bonds to celebrate special occasions (birthdays, first communions, graduations, Mother's and Father's Days, among others), honoring individuals and making a significant impact in the educational field. Thanks to your contribution, we are supporting the dreams of talented students who lack the financial resources to continue their university studies.

The bond represents the joy of celebrating life with gratitude, by helping to reduce the university dropout rate and by preparing better-qualified professionals in our country, ready to contribute to our society.

Education is a powerful tool for the growth and development of society. This gesture of support for talented students is a way to contribute to the community and to the future of our country.

Note: the minimum suggested value for this bond is $80,000; however, you may donate any amount you wish through the payment platform.

For any questions or concerns, you can contact us at or at 3133969504

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