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Our Foundation

Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization that, for 15 years, has contributed to the well-being and transformation of the lives of young Colombians by providing access to high-quality higher education at accredited universities to those with high academic potential but who are in difficult economic and social circumstances.

Thanks to the contributions of various donors, the OCMAES Foundation provides the opportunity to study at accredited universities to those with high academic potential but who are in difficult economic and social circumstances.

These social responsibility actions reflect our commitment to education and the creation of long-term projects as a key element for thinking about a balanced society, with equal opportunities for everyone; a contribution that is based on the certainty that investment in education is a fundamental element for the positive transformation of the country.

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To support young people with academic potential and economic difficulties in accessing quality higher education. To contribute to their development as leaders, competitive professionals, and individuals committed to the social development of the country.

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To be recognized for contributing to the development of young Colombian talent. To become the first choice for donors who share our purposes, values, and principles.

Governing bodies

General Assembly

General Assembly. The General Assembly shall be composed of active benefactor members, who shall be the only ones entitled to speak and vote. Other members, who are not active benefactors, shall only have the right to speak.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be composed of three (3) active benefactor members elected by the General Assembly for terms of one year, with the possibility of immediate and indefinite reelection, and they may be removed at any time by the General Assembly itself.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is the Legal Representative of THE FOUNDATION, and as such, oversees its policies and executes the activities that constitute its purpose.

Fiscal Auditor

THE FOUNDATION will have an Auditor and an alternate who will replace them in case of temporary or absolute absences, who must be certified public accountants registered with the Central Board of Accountants.


Our Values

University support program

We invest in higher education through scholarships awarded to students with excellent academic achievements and limited financial means.

We believe that the positive transformation of a country is not possible without education.

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of inequality.

It enables us to envision a fairer and more dignified society.

Quality education shapes individuals into good human beings.

The OCMAES Foundation recognizes the value of sustained effort and dedication.


  • Scholarships renewable semi-annually.

  • Agreements with renowned Higher Education Institutions in the country.

  • Accredited professional programs with high academic standards.

How to Access a Scholarship?

Step 1: Contact your university to confirm if they have an agreement with the OCMAES Foundation. If not, inform them about our foundation so they can establish contact with us. Please note that we provide support starting from the second semester of undergraduate studies and do not accompany master's or specialization processes.

Step 2: If your university nominates you, please complete the following information and send it to

Step 3: We are interested in understanding your needs to seek allies who can support your journey. To do so, contact us via email at or via WhatsApp at +57 3133969504.

Universities under Agreement

Requirements for Scholarship Renewal

Achieving the minimum academic GPA required by the OCMAES Foundation scholarship regulations

Participating in the activities of the Excellence, Leadership, and Solidarity Program organized by the OCMAES Foundation.

Completing 24 hours of community service each semester.

Administrative Requirements

View Requirements

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