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Máximo Alejandro García Penagos

Universidad ECCI

Systems engineer




I am a 19-year-old young man who is dedicated to the study of computer development technology and aspires to continue his studies to obtain the title of systems engineer at ECCI University. I live in the town of Suba, Colombia, with my mother, a 59-year-old woman who works as an office assistant. Currently, I work in various jobs to contribute to the expenses.

In my academic career, I actively participate in university technology incubators, where I have collaborated in the creation and development of projects. My main goal is to become an outstanding systems engineer, focusing on strong ethics and effective practices. I aspire to use my knowledge to support and support my mother in all possible areas in the future.

Máximo Alejandro García Penagos

Credit Card, Debit Card and PSE

Only Credit Card

Only for Grupo Amarey Employees




"The mind that opens to a new idea will never return to its original size."

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