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Luz Andrea Bautista Acevedo

Universidad De La Sabana





I'm Luz Andrea Bautista Acevedo, and I'm from Socorro, a very lovely town in Santander. I'm in the seventh semester of Medicine at La Sabana University and I've been part of the OCMAES Foundation since the 2023-2 semester. Through my profession, I can contribute to what I consider the most important aspect of each person: health. There's no better contribution than teaching how to take care of oneself and caring for those I can through medicine, a profession that fills me every day and has become a way of life. I strive to serve from science and humanity to the people I meet along the way. I came to the OCMAES Foundation through the university's application for a scholarship, at a time when I was almost resigned to finding financial support to continue my career, where the future was uncertain and we were taking risks with my parents. This scholarship represents support to continue fulfilling my dreams; it's a boost and a blow of determination to keep striving and contributing significantly to society. I thank everyone who makes this possible and continues to fulfill many of my goals; this scholarship not only changed my life but also that of my entire family. Thank you!!

Luz Andrea Bautista Acevedo

Credit Card, Debit Card and PSE

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"Cada joven merece la oportunidad de brillar. La educación les da ese brillo."

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