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Luis Fernando Murillo Bustos

Seminario Mayor Santiago Apostol





My name is Luis Fernando Murillo Bustos, I am originally from the municipality of Utica Cundinamarca.

I am currently training at the Santiago Apóstol Major Seminary of Facatativá as a priest, I am in my seventh year of training corresponding to the third year of theology (14th semester) at the Conciliar Seminary of Bogotá.

In my process of vocational discernment I discovered that the world, especially human beings, need doctors for the soul, men who, with the love of God, heal the deepest wounds of our being and who transmit the love of God with their lives.

Discovering all the good that a Priest can do in the world and the love of God in my life moved me to give mine.

Luis Fernando Murillo  Bustos

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"Wisdom grows when you share it with others."

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