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Laura Daniela Zea Bernal

Universidad Del Rosario

Speech Therapy




My name is Laura Daniela Zea, and I am currently in the seventh semester of Speech Therapy at the University of Rosario. I want to share my testimony with you.

Due to the pandemic, my parents lost their jobs. My father is a painter, and my mother used to take care of children. However, with the widespread closure of activities due to the situation in the country, they lost their jobs, and since then, they have found it extremely difficult to find stable employment. We face difficulties, as besides covering basic expenses such as rent, we also have to pay for essential services like water, electricity, gas, and food.

My father does what he can to support our family, working as a painter, laborer, or vendor, but he does not find work every day, and with what he earns, we barely manage to pay for rent and food.

The situation has also complicated the payment of my semester. Through the university, I got to know the OCMAES Foundation, and I thank God for the opportunity they gave me by granting me a scholarship. I consider myself a responsible person with great aspirations in life. In the future, I aspire to become a successful professional and give back to the people who are helping me today, like the OCMAES Foundation.

Laura Daniela Zea Bernal

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"El apadrinamiento es la chispa que enciende el fuego del éxito académico."

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