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Julio Esteban Medina Rincon

Fundación Universitaria De Las Ciencias De La Salud





My name is Julio Esteban Medina Rincon de Bogotá, I live with my brothers, my mother and my grandmother, I am a student at the University Foundation of Health Sciences (FUCS), I am studying the 9th semester of the medicine program, a profession in which I consider to be one of the most rewarding due to the objective, vital impact that it generates on our society on a daily basis, with the simple fact of helping through my knowledge acquired during my academic training, in addition to the fact that it is a great opportunity to That by this means I can help and support my family. I found out about the OCMAES foundation when the university nominated me for the scholarship, which has been a great opportunity, I feel very grateful because they are circumstances that occur once in a lifetime, to be able to study, become a professional, with this help to my environment is an opportunity that I am not wasting and I strive every day to be better

Julio Esteban Medina Rincon

Credit Card, Debit Card and PSE

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"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

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