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Juan Jerónimo Ortega Rocha

Universidad De La Sabana





I'm Juan Jeronimo Ortega Rocha, I'm from Bogotá, I live with my dad, I'm a seventh-semester medical student at La Sabana, and I've been a beneficiary of the OCMAES foundation since my sixth semester. Thanks to the foundation, I'm fulfilling my and my mom's dream of studying medicine. Since then, I always strive to respond appropriately with my work and academic commitment because I'm aware of the great opportunity I have. I hope that upon graduation, I'll be more than just a great doctor; I aim to be a great professional. I hope to always provide comprehensive service to my patients, listening to their concerns, expectations, and doubts. I aspire to continue learning, always updating my knowledge for the sake of my patients. I've always dreamed of teaching people who will be where I am in my current stage of training.

Juan Jerónimo Ortega Rocha

Credit Card, Debit Card and PSE

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Only for Grupo Amarey Employees




"Education not only opens doors but also builds bridges."

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