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Jennifer Andrea Castro Fino

Fundación Universitaria De Las Ciencias De La Salud





During the pandemic, my life took an unexpected turn that I never imagined. In the midst of this difficult period, unfortunately, I lost my mother, who had been the driving force of my life and whose light went out like a flame. I found myself alone and my dreams of continuing my studies seemed to fade. Fortunately, I had managed to finance my first semesters with my savings.

However, when I reached the fourth semester, I found myself without the necessary resources to face this new stage. Just around that time, my pet suffered an accident that generated additional expenses, including surgeries and medical care. At that point, I considered deferring my career. But that was when I received the news that the OCMAES Foundation would grant me a scholarship.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the people who contributed, in any way, to make this possible. Today, thanks to each of you, I can continue my studies and follow the path that would have made my mother proud. You have brought a new light, a new direction and renewed hope to my life.

They are like angels who appeared at the time when I needed them most. May God bless you always for your compassion and invaluable support.

Jennifer Andrea Castro Fino

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"Sponsorship today is an inspiration for tomorrow."

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