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Gabriela Monroy Ramos

Universidad Del Rosario





My name is Gabriela Monroy, I am 23 years old, and I am from Funza, Cundinamarca. I study medicine, and I am in the 11th semester. I came to the OCMAES foundation thanks to the university due to a difficult economic situation that my family is going through at the moment.

I am passionate about my career and how it allows me to reach and impact the life of any person.

Thanks to the program I am in, I have been able to see the multiple basic needs that many people in the country have. Needs that many of us do not have and, on the contrary, take for granted.

Therefore, my purpose as a professional is to contribute through my medical work so that these limitations become fewer and thus help build a country with fewer barriers and more opportunities.

Gabriela Monroy Ramos

Credit Card, Debit Card and PSE

Only Credit Card

Only for Grupo Amarey Employees




"Education is the safest investment you can make."

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