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David Santiago Torres Leal

Universidad De La Sabana





My name is David Santiago Torres Leal, and my lifelong desire has been to become a doctor. Since my childhood, I have always been passionate about helping those who need it most. I am convinced that, with my dedication and your support, I will be able to stand out and continue transforming the lives of other individuals who, like me, have dreams and aspirations.

I have the firm conviction that, with God's guidance and the support of people like you, I will achieve my goal. My desire is to play a vital role in the healing of my patients and the well-being of their families, regardless of where I am in my professional career. I am completely sure that this vocation only makes sense when it is placed at the service of others.

David Santiago Torres Leal

Credit Card, Debit Card and PSE

Only Credit Card

Only for Grupo Amarey Employees




"Every day is a blank page, and education is the pen that writes the future."

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