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Here you can fill out the authorization for payroll discount:


Authorization for Payroll Discount

for the OCMAES BINGO 2024



Deduct from my payroll:

EARLY PRESALE: From July 15 to 31: $65,000 per card

PRESALE: From August 1 to 22: $70,000

SALE: From August 23 to 31: $75,000

Please make the deduction for: *

Envío Correcto! Gracias por tu Contribución!

Revisa la información e intenta nuevamente!

Dear Donor,

If you are an income tax payer and are required to file an income and supplementary tax return within the country, you have the right to deduct the value of donations made during the taxable year or period to non-profit associations, corporations, and foundations whose social purpose and activity correspond to the development of education, according to Article 125 of the National Tax Statute.

Please note that your donation certificate will be issued once the 2024 tax year has ended.

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